– the background melts into the body

Exhibition on view Oct 24 – Nov 9 at FFAR, Ringvägen 141, Stockholm

Opening party Oct 24, 18.00 (with music and drinks) – welcome!

Practices in art, fashion and architecture negotiating thresholds
between ourselves and our surroundings.

Works by:

Adam Harvey
Roeland Otten
Sabina Keric & Yvonne Bayer


makes interactive spatial installations that merges performance, textile craft and electronic sounds. [krig] is Jon Perman and Karin Bäckström.
(Sandviken/Stockholm, SE)

Adam Harvey
researches and develops art about privacy and counter-surveillance technologies.
(New York, US)

Roeland Otten
works with a conceptual approach in the fields of art, design and architecture.
(Rotterdam, NL)

Sabina Keric & Yvonne Rundio
are communication designers trained in Sweden and Germany.
(Berlin/Cologne, DE)

is a concept that solves the problem of how the fashion system can be maintained in a world where material consumption is no longer possible. It is created by Ingrid Cogne, Hedda Viå and Erik Annerborn.
(Stockholm, SE)

’Camouflage – the background melts into the body’ is produced by
Björn Ehrlemark and Carin Kallenberg in collaboration with FFAR
– forum för arkitektur.

Björn Ehrlemark & Carin Kallenberg
are founders of Neighbours of Architecture, which points out new directions architecture might be heading by the power of example.