FFAR forum för arkitektur is an event and debate space presenting a broader perspective on contemporary architecture. Founded in 2010, FFAR invites both theorists and practitioners to engage in, and thereby forward, contemporary architectural debate.

FFAR wants to position itself as a platform for and link between the diverse disciplines engaged in the shaping of our built environment. Adressing practitioners from a broad set of professions, we want to promote cross-disciplinary models of investigation.

FFAR aims to discuss architectural issues on a public level by way of thematic exhibitions, discussions, talks and screenings. We consider going-public as a chance to test and revaluate obtained insights. A second part of FFAR’s activity lies in publishing proposals, analyses and dialogues, thereby forming a base for further discussion.

As a project space, FFAR is able to apply varied forms of representation and models of participation. Compact in size however covering a wide range of issues, FFAR has the ability to quickly relate to and present current topics in national as well as international debate.

FFAR is a privately funded organization. As we are concerned with all aspects of the built environment, we naturally aim to collaborate with a wide range of cultural and educational institutions, as well as private enterprises and practitioners.